Love him or hate him, it looks as if Jamies Winston is going to be the starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints when the season kicks off later this summer. That's not a shock for most fans of the Black and Gold. When the Saints remained quiet during the NFL Draft, at least where the quarterback position was concerned, it became a foregone conclusion that Winston would be "the guy".

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As a casual observer of the theatre that is professional football, I can only say that most fans, heck most pundits, don't have enough information on Jameis Winston and how he plays the game. He was obviously talented enough to be taken as the #1 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft but his time on the field in Tampa Bay really didn't bolster the feeling that Winston was worthy of the nod.

Then to cloud the Winston/Saints conundrum just a little bit more, Jameis was injured during the season last year after having a pretty decent start to the season. Is he Drew Brees? No. He's Jameis Winston and now he has a few weapons returning. I think having Michael Thomas to throw to and newly drafted Chris Olave should provide yet another enticing target for the big-armed quarterback from Florida State.

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But there are many NFL fans that aren't sold on Winston and his ability to return from last season's injury. To counteract those counter comments Winston has been posting videos of his workout and rehab efforts. But none has gotten the NFL Twittersphere more fired up than this one.


As I mentioned I am a "casual observer" of all things NFL. Is Jameis auditioning for Darrin's Dance Grooves? What? You don't know about Darrin's Dance Grooves? Watch this and see if Jameis couldn't be featured with Erin Andrews, yes, that Erin Andrews.


Football aficionados tell me that the "workout" posted by Winston was supposed to be a "strip drill". The drill in which a coach attempts to swat the ball from Winston's hands while he negotiates the blocking dummies is designed to reduce fumbles.

Okay, I am ready to believe you. But, is the drill supposed to simulate real-world, real-time play in the NFL? I don't think it does and neither do a lot of the commenters on the video that was posted.

One commenter said, "all that just to throw a pick". While another had this observation,

But Twitter user Suga Foot summed up what I was thinking about the video the first time I saw it.

I am with you Suga Foot. It sure looked like he was doing something other than football to me as well. However, don't walk away from this story thinking ill of Jameis Winston. I personally believe Winston will be the NFL Comeback Player of the year.  Hey, Joe Burrow won it, so why not Jameis? He is an incredible athlete. During his time in Tampa, they didn't have the weapons they have now which won them a Superbowl.

This year for the Saints Jameis will have a solid receiving corps and a strong running game to keep the pressure off of him. Speaking of pressure the Saints just might have put together an elite defensive unit in the offseason too. You know they say defense wins championships and I am sure all Saints fans would be happy to watch Jameis "dance" with the Lombardi Trophy.

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