Taysom Hill is to the football field as a wooden spoon is to a Cajun kitchen. Hill can play just about any position with confidence on the field and much like that wooden spoon, he can help cook up something good or be the punishment across the back of a hand that Saints opponents never saw coming.

Sassy Chikkin via Etsy.com
Sassy Chikkin via Etsy.com

Taysom Hill is a unique weapon on the football field and while Drew Brees was the quarterback for the team Hill's presence in an offensive formation was often a mind-blowing experience for defensive coordinators on the opposite sidelines.

Drew Brees retired before the beginning of last year and that meant that Taysom Hill and his unique set of skills would be paired with Jameis Winston under center but Winston's injury thrust Hill into more time at quarterback than most Saints fans actually thought was a good idea.

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So, here we sit with the 2022 NFL Season starting to take shape. In New Orleans, there is a new Head Coach, it's Dennis Allen. Jameis Winston is recovering from his injury too. That means questions for what will the Black and Gold do with "the wooden spoon" Taysom Hill?

When Coach Allen addressed the media yesterday as part of the Saints' off-season program. He suggested that Hill was going to be a weapon in the passing game, at quarterback, and any time he had the ball in his hands.

Allen, however, didn't get into many specifics as to how Hill would get the ball in his hands. Allen even hinted the Hill could be a major player on Special Teams for the Black and Gold.

If you recall Hill recently signed a $40 million dollar deal with the team which will keep him in New Orleans through 2025. According to reports, that deal does include some incentive-laden clauses that could pay Hill even more money for his services, especially if he throws a certain number of passes next year.

Drew Brees #9 of the New Orleans Saints and Taysom Hill #7 of the New Orleans Saints
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So what have learned? What did Coach Allen actually reveal? It's more about what he didn't say if you ask me. Coach Allen didn't lock Taysom into a specific role with the team. This would lead me to believe that the Taysom Hill we saw on the field with Drew Brees and Sean Payton will be a similar Swiss Army-Knife type tool for the Allen-Winston version of the Saints.

And just like the wooden spoon in your Cajun Granny's kitchen, he will be pulled out at exactly the right time to either make something really good or fix something really bad. If I was a Defensive Coordinator and I had the Saints on my schedule, I would certainly look at #7 as a number that won't be lucky for my team.

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