The NFL is still insisting that they have a beau coup of evidence that the New Orleans Saints and their players carried out a bounty system within the organization.  Now the players who have been suspended over the scandal went to meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday and wanted to see this evidence.

They weren't to impressed with the meeting of evidence produced especially Saints Linebacker Jonathan Vilma who left about an hour after the meetings started and did not return.

Jonathan Vilma

On a strange day that included a morning adjournment of the hearings with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, followed by one of the suspended players, Jonathan Vilma, opting not to return for afternoon sessions, the league showed reporters some of the 20,000 documents it says investigators uncovered.

Among the things the league revealed: a prize of $35,000 for knocking Brett Favre out of the NFC Championship Game in January 2010.

The $35,000 offered to sideline Favre included $10,000 pledges from Vilma, former Saints defensive lineman Charles Grant and Mike Ornstein, an outsider and convicted felon the NFL says was involved in the bounty program. Assistant coach Joe Vitt pledged the other $5,000.

Vilma left his session after about an hour Monday morning, vowing not to return.

He didn't.

The linebacker's attorney, Peter Ginsberg, called the hearing "a sham" and said Goodell failed to present the evidence on which he based his decision to impose Vilma's penalty.

Vilma is currently suspended for the entire 2012 season because of this drama. What are your thoughts?


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