In a recent Associated Press story the leader of the NFL player's union, Domonique Foxworth, says NFL players don't trust Commissioner Roger Goodell because of the Saints bounty case, in particular. There is plenty of reason for mistrust there. It does seem the punishment hurt the fans as much as the team. Then an arbitrator overturned Goodell's suspension of four players. That brought the commissioner's judgement into question.



When the player's union thinks the commissioner does not have the players best interest in mind ... is the commissioner in trouble? Nothing would please Saints fans more than to see Goodell gone. One thing is for certain ... there is a lot of finger pointing between the players union and the NFL offices. There is also a serious lack of trust! They are arguing over everything from mandatory pads to medical staffs to the power of the commissioner. Will this be a post season of progress or more divisiveness?

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