The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office is making our community safer with DWI checkpoints. This past Friday deputies checked over seven hundred vehicles at the 2900 block of Westwood Road in Westlake. Here are the results.


There were no DWI arrest though five field sobriety test were given. two citations were issued for expired motor vehicle stickers, 2 for no seat belts and one for a switched license plate. There was some excitement though.

A 22 year old Lake Charles man tried to drive through the check point. He obviously had been smoking marijuana in his car and deputies noticed the smell. He gave them permission to search and deputies found liquid steroids, steroid pills, marijuana, packaged prescription pills and two loaded hand guns. Marc Cotez admitted all of this was his. He was charged with possession of marijuana 1st offense; possession of CDS I with intent to distribute; possession of CDS III with intent to distribute; possession of a legend drug without a prescription; and illegal carry of weapons in presence of CDS.

The main purpose of the DWI Check points is to discourage impaired driving and remove impaired drivers from our roadways. The program is very successful.