DWI Checkpoint This Thursday
We are in the middle of the Christmas party season; do your part to make it safe by designating a non-drinking driver. The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department will be doing their part to keep our roads safe with another DUI checkpoint.
DWI Checkpoints Planned for Memorial Day Weekend
For a lot of people ... a day off means celebrating with great food and a drink or two. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you don't drive after the drinks. The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department is doing their part to keep our roads safe this holiday weekend with DWI checkpoin…
DWI Checkpoint This Weekend
We love to party in Southwest Louisiana and no one is trying to cramp your style. You are just ask to do it responsibly. The purpose of these checkpoints is to make our roads safer. Designate a driver before the evening starts and you have no worries. My friends and I rotate this duty.
Results of DWI Checkpoint Friday Night in Lake Charles
On 09-30-2011, Lake Charles Police Department conducted a State (Louisiana Highway Safety Commission) funded DWI checkpoint in the 4000 block of Common Street from 7pm to Midnight.  Representatives from local and state agencies were present and assisted in the operation of the detail.  There were a …
DWI Checkpoint in Lake Charles Friday
The Lake Charles Police Department, along with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office and Louisiana State Police, will be conducting a DWI checkpoint at an undisclosed location on Friday, September 30, 2011.