Almost two years ago, the Lake Charles famous Nelson's Donuts was found engulfed in flames. Rumors began to fly as to if the little building would ever come back or if we would never taste their donuts on our lips and fingers again. Then, we were shocked to see a fence and for sale sign go up around the property. Instantly, our hopes of seeing the business come back were shattered.

Luckily, we learned the business has been bought and kept in the family. Fast-forward through a pandemic, two hurricanes, and a freeze. Like the rest of us, everything was pushed back and life put on hold. The famous donut stand has a Facebook Page that posts pictures and updates randomly as they go. It has shown pictures of new walls, contractors, inspections, but never an opening date.

Finally, there is now light at the end of the tunnel.

The page showed off its new kitchen items and made the remark that our weather has been slowing down progress just like the rest of SWLA. The phrase to focus on is that there could be a chance we will see Nelson's Donuts on Mother's Day. Can you imagine the line that will be wrapped around and down McNeese Street? I can almost guarantee it will put Popeyes and Raising Cane's to shame for months. Fingers crossed that we can get our long lost donut fix in soon.

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