Recently, Calcasieu Parish elected a new district attorney after former Calcasieu Parish District Attorney John Derosier retired. The new Calcasieu Parish DA is now Stephen Dwight.

Dwight is a resident of Moss Bluff, just north of Lake Charles. He is a graduate of LSU and Southern University Law school. Before being elected as the new Calcasieu Parish DA, Dwight owned his own private practice and served as general counsel for the Calcasieu Parish Sherriff’s Office, City of Westlake as City Attorney, Prosecutor, and Magistrate.

As Dwight starts his first term, he is already faced with a scam rolling around our area. In a press release sent out by his office, Dwight explained how it is being executed:

Victims report receiving a phone call stating their social security number has been blocked and that they owe money. The caller, who claims to be DA Stephen Dwight, is asking people to give out their credit card numbers and recite their social security numbers.


THIS IS A SCAM! DA Dwight wants residents to know that he, nor the Calcasieu Parish District Attorney’s Office would call residents saying they owe money.


He went on to say that in no case should you ever give someone your social security number of credit card numbers over the phone. We agree that you should never give this information to anyone you don't know.

Please let all your friends and family know about this scam going on right now so everyone will be protected.

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