Don't worry, I wrote the title of this article and still questioned why in the world this was even a thing.

Parish Brewing Company is located in Broussard, Louisiana and started brewing on a small scale by selling to just the Lafayette area. Their flagship beer was named Canebrake and helped the brand begin to make a name for the brewery throughout the area and across the state. In 2012, the brewery ramped up with a larger facility and began to grow even more. Now, the brewery is known for its Ghost in the Machine and Juicy Bomb IPAs, but Louisiana will always recognize it for its original beer, Canebrake.

Now, the innovative brewery has come out with a new beer that has people feeling nostalgic and questioning the judgement of the Louisiana brewery. The newest beer, announced this week, has been named Greetings From Holly Beach. Yep, that Holly Beach.

Now, before you think I am going to make fun of it, Holly Beach is full of memories for us all. Personally, I go down there many times during the summer and have enjoyed it each and every time. The locals have done an amazing job encouraging people to keep it clean and kept. However, the jokes about what the beer could taste like versus the Holly Beach we used to know during its darker period just seem to be way funnier.

Parish Brewing describes the beer as a Berliner Weiss that includes mango, coconut cream, toasted coconut, passion fruit, and pineapple. The last part of the description might be my favorite.

Hazy, tropical waves of Louisiana paradise that drinks like a vacation island favorite.

You can buy a four pack of their 16 ounce cans for $17.00 from their website. Unfortunately, they're currently sold out but will be sending it to be distributed throughout Louisiana as with the rest of their beer. Personally speaking, if you have not tried any beer from the brewery, I highly suggest their SIPS: Pinot Noir Black Currant. Essentially, it tastes like an adult Capri Sun.

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