Just in case you wanted to do more with less, White Claw has now introduced a new version of the seltzer beverage. This time, it's almost double the alcohol than the original version. I guess it could be a money saver in the long run.

White Claw started a boom in the hard seltzer game a few years ago. After it gained in popularity, the market boomed with companies introducing their own versions left and right. It seemed like every week, there was a new hard seltzer to try. With flavors such as lemonade, strawberry, and pineapple, it was a hit for the summertime. Refreshing and not as heavy as beer, the alcohol in the cans was 5% on average. They got the job done, and were not as loaded with calories as other beverages.

Now, White Claw has upped their game by introducing their White Claw Surge. If you're like me, you instantly went to the '90s soda sharing the same name. No, it has nothing to do with the soda that may or may not have caused ED. The new Surge White Claws contain 8% alcohol per can, almost double of the original versions, and come in 16-ounces.

Reviews are already coming out about the new heavier beverage, and it seems like White Claw has come through on their promise. It's bigger and way more potent than its little brother. The new product is now being distributed for the summer with two flavors: Blood Orange and Cranberry.

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