With events, concerts, and festivals popping up around us again, it seems the Louisiana Pirate Festival will not be one of those to come back for 2021. The festival was canceled last year weeks before it was set to open due to the regulations setput in place at the beginning of the pandemic.

The festival is typically held during the first part of May each year in downtown Lake Charles. The 2020 festival was slated to be a good one with some old faces making their way back to the stage, including Wayne Toups. Trying to makeup for the lack of an event, the festival opted to jump on the virtual ship to keep fans afloat during the pandemic. They held virtual events off and on during what would have been the festival to keep us all entertained.

With the newest mandate ending at the end of April and no word on what the next one will be, it makes sense to not chance planning a festival only to have to cancel it again. Just like Mardi Gras, let's all hope we can try for it again next year and that this will be one of the last events to get canceled for 2021 as we get back on track.

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