FEMA announced legal services are available for Louisiana hurricane survivors. Certain limitations apply, but you need only to apply to learn if you are eligible for assistance. If you don't have the financial resources to fight or file a hurricane disaster claim, the Young Lawyers Division may be able to help.

Low income residents are getting a helping hand from members of the American Bar Association. A team of lawyers are offering their services, for free, to hurricane victims who can't afford legal representation. KPLC News reports hurricane victims can apply through FEMA Disaster Legal Services. Free legal advice and/or services are being offered to assist with legal cases involving hurricane damage and losses involving the following issues:

  • Home repair claims
  • Contract disputes with contractors
  • Transferring Title To Property
  • Doctor bills or Hospital insurance claims
  • Property or loss of life claims

If you need Disaster Legal Services to help recover hurricane damages or losses, apply now. Go online and apply at disasterlegalaid.org or call 1-800-310-7029 for more information.

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