Ah, the wonderful stories we find in Florida. Audrey Francisquini, 28, of Miami Beach decided she needed more Instagram followers. Authorities say she went with guerrilla-esqe marketing by sneaking in posed as a student at American Senior High School, where he threw on a backpack, walked around with a skateboard, and handed out pamphlets that had her social media information on them.

According to reports, as she walked around, she filmed the whole thing for her Instagram page to further promote what she was doing. After wandering the halls of the school, a security guard ended up approaching the almost 30 year old woman. After being questioned, Francisquini told the guard she was simply looking for the office of registration.

Eventually, security guards stopped her again, as they say she was catching students entering and leaving their classes but ended up sneaking past security and leaving the campus before getting caught.

Ironically enough, she was tracked down later on to her Miami Beach home from her own Instagram page. She was taken into custody for burglary, resisting arrest without violence, and interfering with a school function. The school commented that they are now investigating how she was able to get on to the premises of the school so easily.

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