Okay, no one panic but we have a small issue. Forget toilet paper, beer, gasoline, and anything else the whole pandemic has caused a shortage on. The Lord's chicken is officially in a bind. Chick-fil-A announced to customers and franchisees that there is a shortage on their sauces for the foreseeable future.

The shortage is across the entire company, forcing them to limit the amount of sauce each customer gets. The email sent out established the sauce limit on each order. The heavenly chicken restaurant is now only allowing once sauce per entrée, two sauces per entire meal, and only three sauces per 30 nuggets. This is indeed a dark time for us all.

The email did say the chain is working hard to fix the situation, but this is all they can do for now. The shortage stems back to lack of labor and ingredients from their suppliers. The lack of both has really put a strain on keeping the supply going. We had to figure this was coming after there was a ketchup package shortage a month ago. Little did we know it would impact the chicken of the Lord. The other large shortage affecting everyone is a chicken shortage. My God, what are we going to do?

There was no timeline established as to when we can go back to our normal sauce hording ways, but let's just all hope it is sooner rather than later as the world beings to open up more and more throughout the year. How can we live without gallons of Chick-fil-A sauce at arm's reach.

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