The "hot" topic over the last month or two has been the high-cost electricity bills we are all receiving. Some are seeing double and triple what their normal bills are over the recent months as the temperatures rise. According to KPLC, Entergy says they are here to help.

They're not going to discount your bill it seems, but they will help with payments and help spread the hefty bills out over a longer period. KPLC spoke to Entergy Louisiana's CEO Phillip May. May told KPLC that the reason most energy bills have been so high is due to the higher cost of natural gas. The natural gas is used at the Entergy plant to turn out its 994 megawatts of power for our area. According to the Entergy website, when the natural gas fuel-fired plant went into service, it was expected to save customers money.

Projections have been that Entergy Louisiana customers could save between $1.3 and $2 billion over the plant's anticipated 30-year life.

CEO Phillip May of Entergy continued on with KPLC saying that customers can contact Entergy if they are having issues making their payments on time. He says that the provider can work out various payment plants for its customers, but you have to call them to work it all out. He assured that if you do contact Entergy about your bill, you will not be disconnected.

May continued on saying that there is some assistance available from shareholder donations. $10 million dollars was collected from these donations, but customers must qualify for this assistance. In the meantime, KPLC did report that Entergy is now waving credit card fees for customers' bill payments.

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