Being scared by someone or something jumping out at me is not the way you want to die. Yes, I did say that right because I have a history of striking first and asking questions later when provoked by an inanimate object. I have even gone on record to ask if is it against the law to pummel a street performer if he scares you.

NBC 2 Houston
NBC 2 Houston

By the way, you can get the answer to that question, as far as a Bourbon Street performer goes, right here. Things might be a little different in Texas. But then again, in Texas they encourage regular folks to carry sidearms so, I wouldn't make any sudden movements in the Lone Star State.

But I am not the Texas Bushman, he's a Tik Tok legend. who goes by @texasbushman on the social media platform and this is what he does.

He dresses as a bush and waits for unsuspecting passersby to do what unsuspecting passers do. As they are walking by him, minding their own business, he suddenly comes to life. Yeah, the reactions are quite priceless.


And every now and then one of his "victims" will express themselves in NSFW language so you might want to have your volume turned down or at least be aware of your surroundings if you choose to watch.

It's obvious that the Tik Tok Universe loves this guy. He never shows his face and he goes by the name Joe when he's not dressed as the Texas Bushman almost all of his videos have 1 million or more views so people must like seeing others get the heck scared out of them.

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