A Tik Tok Mom has gone viral for sharing a video that was recorded in secret. The video shared by Tik Tok creator @nickieunplugged has been viewed millions of times and continues to rack up views on the social media platform.

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Unlike a lot of viral videos that you see on social media, no one in this one gets punched or hurt, or emotionally damaged, but there are tears.

These are the kinds of tears that, in my opinion, renew the spirit and give us hope that maybe, just maybe there is someone looking out for us. The video @nickieunplugged shared is of her teenage babysitter. In the video, you can see the young girl "babysitting" Nickie's daughter.

Alexander Dummer via Unsplash.com
Alexander Dummer via Unsplash.com


They seem to be just having a wonderful time.

However, what makes this video so special isn't what you see, it's what you hear. The singing you hear isn't coming from a Disney soundtrack, that's the voice of the babysitter, Delaney.  Give it a listen and see if you don't get a chill or two.

Delaney is singing "Part of Your World" if you have a daughter or are a young woman who grew up with Ariel then you know the song. How apropos. While the lyrics of the song convey the singer's desire to become a "part of a world where she doesn't belong" there is a parallel to Delaney, the babysitter.

Nickie, the Tik Tok poster, conveys in the video that Delaney has insecurities about her looks and appearance. Sadly, that's an opinion many beautiful young women share about the way they look. However, Nickie the Tik Tok Mom sums it up nicely for us in the video by saying "All I see is beauty. So do my kids".

Since @nickieunplugged shared that video Delaney has found her voice and the confidence to match. She used her Tik Tok notoriety to start her own page and she even auditioned for American Idol. She earned a ticket to Hollywood but did not last more than a week on the show.

You can hear more of Delaney who bills herself on social media as "The Singing Babysitter" by following her Tik Tok page and her Instagram page. Oh, and keep an eye and an ear out for the next time you hear someone singing sweetly. If you can see if you can get a recording of them, you just might change their life.

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