Men, women, friends, and family have been picketing for a week now as part of the Lake Charles Fire Department. The reason for picketing is a long list of items, including poor equipment and the fact incoming firefighters for Lake Charles start at $11.17 an hour for pay. These low wages and other items are causing a high rate of turnover for the LCFD and also causing issues such as not having enough employees to actually do the job of protecting the city from emergencies.

The low wages are causing workers to pick up second and third jobs, or stay on extended overtime runs causing "burnout". Meaning not enough downtime away from work. On top of that, the LCFD's trucks do not even have air conditioning that works except for 2 trucks in the entire city. The reason those work? Well, because they're new.

Now that the LCFD has the attention of the public, they are asking for your help to support this ongoing fight for better conditions to do their job. August 3, Wednesday at 5:30 pm the LCFD will be in attendance at the Lake Charles City Council Meeting. Here they will continue to let their voices be heard. However, they are asking citizens of Lake Charles to help them further get their voices heard by attending the City Council meeting with them.

IAFF Firefighters Local 561
IAFF Firefighters Local 561

The City Council meeting is held at Lake Charles City Hall located at 326 Pujo Street. If you cannot attend, there are still plenty of ways you can support the Lake Charles Fire Department: sharing posts, calling the Lake Charles Mayor's Hotline, emailing the Mayor's Hotline email, and more.

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