Well, Texas, I really had no idea this was a thing until I ran across these pictures of the signs at two different schools. From doing some research on this subject, Texas has allowed its teaching staff to conceal carry at school as long as the staff member followed the correct procedures to acquire a concealed carry license, and it was approved by the district board members. After the Uvalde shooting, more and more towns across Texas really began to get on board with arming various staff members in order to protect the students in their care.

The ability to carry a weapon by staff in Texas schools is handled from district to district. The qualifications are also decided on a district level as well. A concealed carry license is mandatory, but some districts do require the staff member to go through a certain amount of hours of extra training in order to be allowed to carry a weapon onto campus for the reason of protection. Other states around the nation have adopted this same technique as well including Arkansas and Florida.

-Lindsay Armentrout
-Lindsay Armentrout

The "Guardian Program" was officially made a state-wide program and allowed districts and schools in those districts to use them if they decided to. It is not a requirement. Under the program, "guardians" must have their Texas concealed carry permit to even be considered a candidate. After being considered a candidate in their school, they must then complete the minimum 18-hour class. There are other classes made available for training that equal out to over 160 hours of total training. Although all of the hours are not required, they are available. The "Guardian Program" is totally separate from the "Marshall Program".

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