Yesterday, I went out to Millennium Park to volunteer in the rebuilding of the park not knowing what to expect.  When I arrived, the people there were just the nicest people you could meet.

I walked up and signed up.  They then took me to a sight manager who gave me a task and off I went.  Here is a little bit about what I did at the park and some pictures of how the park is starting to take shape.

Now i must tell you, I don't have much experience with tools but have worked with them some.  The people out there volunteering were willing to help and also showed me how to use tools if I didn't know how.

I met up with my site manager Bill who told me what he needed done.  There was a walk way that need two guard walls put up.

Now I did have some help with this matter as my buddy from our sister station 107 Jamz Erik Tee was my construction partner.

We went to the equipment trailer and received our Drills, level, screws and tape measure and off we went to our site to construct the walls.

We measured between the two post and then went and cut out five 2x8 boards about five feet long to fit our walkway for each side.

We then took a router and smoothed out the edges of each board, drill out some holes where the screws would go on each side of the boards and then installed them.

I didn't know I had that in me but once I got going, it was just plain fun! Well about 2 hours later we had our finished project and here it is.  Check out the picture below.

Now if you don't know how to use tools, that's OK.  They have plenty of other jobs that you can volunteer for like painting and stuff.

It was a great experience and I am glad I went out to do it plus it gave me a sense accomplishment when if finished my project.

They are still looking for volunteers.  They have three shifts which are 8am-12 noon, 12:30pm - 4:30pm and 5:00 pm to around 8:30pm.  They need volunteers all the way thru Sunday November 6th so if you can find time to head out there I highly recomend it.  If you cant do a complete shift, that's OK to just show up and help out.


I can't wait to see the finished project and know that I had a hand in helping build this great park that so many families will enjoy.