Millennium Park

Cajun Radio Helps Rebuild Millennium Park [PHOTOS]
Yesterday, I went out to Millennium Park to volunteer in the rebuilding of the park not knowing what to expect.  When I arrived, the people there were just the nicest people you could meet.
I walked up and signed up.  They then took me to a sight manager who gave me a task and off I went.  Here is a …
Cajun Radio Out At Millennium Park Thursday
Cajun Radio and me, Mike Soileau, will be out at Millennium Park Thursday at 10am volunteering to help rebuild the park.
I will be also be broadcasting live from the park.  I should have a lot of time to talk on the air because I have absolutely no skills in building things.
Want to volunteer?&nb…
Join Cajun Radio And Volunteers To Help Rebuild Millennium Park!
It’s incredible to see the citizens of Lake Charles come together to improve their community in the wake of the Millennium Park fire, and we here at Cajun Radio want to be a part of that movement. Between Oct. 26 and Nov. 6, volunteers are going to undo what a teenage arsonist heartlessly did last …
Update: Millennium Park Fire
In there commitment to beautify the Downtown area of Lake Charles, Mayor Randy Roach and the city are looking to rebuild a park that was a popular feature of Lake Charles downtown area.