There are plans to get the Millennium park back up and running better than ever.  The City of Lake Charles met Tuesday Night and discussed ways to get the project done.

Plans to begin rebuilding Millennium Park in Lake Charles are already underway. At an agenda meeting on Tuesday night Mayor Randy Roach expressed his interest in getting the ball rolling on the process. So far, Mayor Roach and his staff have met with Randy Goodloe, the architect for the Bord du Lac park project, and Mark Leathers and Associates, the architect for the original Millennium park. The city must now look at ways on how to make both of these projects come together.

Mayor Roach promises the 'New Millennium Park' will be bigger and stronger, but timing is key. The mayor would like to have preliminary plans, to show to council members, at the next agenda meeting.

"We recognize the magnitude of the loss, as far as the children are concerned. The summer time is a big time of the year, as far as parks are concerned. So we'd like to get something back as quickly as possible," said Mayor Randy Roach.

Click here for a link to the city's rebuilding Millennium Park webpage

via Plans to rebuild Millennium Park - KPLC 7 News, Lake Charles, Louisiana.

The sooner the better in my opinion.  The Millennium Park is a key part of the downtown area and a lot of family's and kids go there to enjoy a day out of the house.  So good for you Lake Charles and Mayor Randy Roach!!!