Well, Mardi Gras is over and now today is Ash Wednesday, which starts the Lent season. If you are Catholic, then you observe Lent.

Today, we help you with your crawfish boil - and your observance of Lent.

Boiled Crawfish Recipe

3 lemons, sectioned

3 onions, sectioned

2 cups rock salt

3 tablespoons red pepper

1 medium jar prepared mustard

2 bags dry crab boil nix

30 pounds live crawfish

2 cans beer

Table salt

New potatoes

Corn on cob

Place 30-quart pot filled with water over high heat. Add lemons, onions, rock salt, red pepper and mustard. Add crab boil. Mix, breaking bags and boil 10 minutes.

Add crawfish, corn and new potatoes. Return to boil 7 minutes, adding beer the last 2 minutes. Cover pot. Turn off heat and allow to simmer 3 minutes. Remove crawfish and apply table salt before peeling.

Heap crawfish, corn and potatoes on platter.

via Boiled Crawfish Recipe.

Once that water starts boiling and you smell the spices in the air, it's time to open up that cold beer, crank up Cajun Radio and let the party start!!!

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