For the vast majority of us, time is our most valuable commodity when it comes to getting ourselves ready for work and the kids ready for school each weekday morning. Part of the problem in the preparation is the time needed to supply the kiddos and ourselves with a good breakfast. So, that usually means cold cereal or maybe a Pop-Tart. Or a sink full of dirty dishes, that's always fun to come home to.

Nathan Dumlao via
Nathan Dumlao via

That was up until now. How would like to have fried eggs for breakfast? And to make this offer a little better, how about fried eggs in under a minute and without getting a frying pan dirty at all?

Or, maybe the kicker for a lot of parents, is your kids can make their own eggs for breakfast and all they need are some paper plates, a little butter, and a microwave. Yes, eggs in the microwave, be ready to be amazed.

It really is as simple as Tik Tok creator @akakasandra has demonstrated. Simply take a little butter or oil and coat a paper plate. Crack your egg on the plate. Cover the plate and the egg with another paper plate. Microwave the contents for about:50 seconds.

The Tik Tok creator said that if you like your eggs a little firmer, just let them microwave for a few more seconds. As you might imagine, the Tik Tok universe was quick to put this "hack" to the test. Here are some of the results.

There's one example of a sceptic being converted. How about another?

That sure looked like it worked too.

So imagine being able to have a delicious fried egg without the nasty burned and crispy edges in less time than it takes to make toast. And the only cleanup involved is tossing a paper plate in the trash.

We'd rate this Tik Tok hack at 10 out of 10 and would cook it again. Now, what can I do with all of these strawberries?

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