Today on your Backstage Pass, we learn about "Swamp People" star Troy Landry.  You know CHOOT EM"!

I found this video of Troy talking about how his life has changed since he has been on the show "Swamp People".

Troy with Alligators

Troy Landry has just become a household name especially with his "Choot Em'" cry while hunting alligators.

But do you know that Troy doesn't just Alligator hunt for a living?

Troy and swamp

Troy Landry is the quintessential Cajun swamp man. From November to August, he makes his living in the crawfish industry, buying from local fishermen and distributing throughout Louisiana. But when September rolls around, it's all alligators all the time. Troy and his son, Jacob, spend their days hunting wild gators and running a huge warehouse where local trappers can store their catches. At nigh...t, they fry up fresh alligator meat on Troy's houseboat or take their boat on a bayou pub crawl, stopping at all their favorite watering holes. Thanks in part to his frequent parties, Troy is one of the most prominent residents of Pierre Part, his hometown, and his son seems to be following in his footsteps.

Here is Troy talking about how his life has changed since being on the "Swamp People" show.




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