With the popularity of shows like 'Swamp People' which features hunters from South Louisiana hunting alligators, the rise in people applying for alligator hunting licenses and finding areas to hunt is on the rise.

Today marks the official opening day of alligator season in Louisiana.  It actually opened on the last Wednesday in August for the East zone but today alligator season opened up for the West zone of Louisiana.  The season lasts for 30 calendar days.

alligator zone map
alligator zone map (Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries)

An alligator hunter must either own their own land or get permission to hunt alligators on land that is classified as wetland habitat in order to qualify for alligator harvest tags according to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries.  Alligator hunters apply for alligator tags prior to the season.

So if your brave or just want to check something off your bucket list, go to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries website and apply for a license.  Choot em and good luck!

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