Everybody is wondering if there will even be a season 7 of the hit reality show "Swamp People" which airs on the History channel after the news was leaked that several of the shows most popular stars have been cut from the show.

"Swamp People" is a show about alligator hunters from Louisiana and the struggles of a short 30 day season and how hard they work to fill their tags in that short of a time.

So are you wondering who was cut from the show?  According to examiner.com some of the cast members let go are:

Jeromy Pruitt and David LaDart

Jeromy Pruitt and David LaDart of Swamp People (Photo from Youtube)


Gator Queen Liz and her family

Liz Swamp People (Photo from Youtube)

Junior and Willie

Willie, His Mom, and Junior Edwards (Photo from YouTube)

The show has lost some of their producers too which explains why the cast chanes were made since a new set of producers have taken over the show.

Some of the cast that will still be on the show is Troy Landry and his boys, RJ and Jay Paul Molinere and Glenn Guist to name a few.

So what do you think about this?  Some of the most well now cast now won't appear on the show if there is a season 7.  Will you watch?