Swamp People

Swamp People Star loses Son
Fans of the hit reality show 'Swamp People' are in shock after finding out that one of the stars of the show David LaDart lost his 19 year old son in a car crash.
'Swamp People' back Tonight
Swamp People fans, the wait is over! A new episode of Swamp People will air tonight after the series and the network took off for a few weeks.

Tonight's show is called 'Gator Boo-Fay".
Swamp People Returns Monday
So Swamp People fans, have you been wondering why the show hasn't aired for a few weeks. The show took a few weeks off but it is coming back this Monday night, June 22nd!
Land Hunting tonight- Swamp People
With only about six days in the gator season, swamper's and gator hunters go to drastic measures to fill their tags. The hunters are using some very unorthodox hunting methods tonight on a new episode 'Swamp People'.

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