Shocking news as it spreads across the world that actor Ray Liotta died overnight in his sleep while in the Dominican Republic according to Liotta was in the area shooting a new film called "Dangerous Waters".

'Alex Of Venice' : Premiere And Tribute To Ray Liotta - 40th Deauville American Film Festival
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Liotta, Raymond Allen Liotta, was born in 1953 in Newark New Jersey. Although he has played some giant roles throughout his career, his biggest claim to fame would be Shoeless Joe Jackson in "Field of Dreams" and, of course, Henry Hill in "Goodfellas. Despite mostly playing the tough guy in most of his roles, Liotta once said in an interview that he never even got in a fight, not even a pushing match in his life!

Liotta had a daughter, Karsen, and was engaged to be married to Jacy Nittolo. Nitollo was by his side when he passed away in his sleep overnight.

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