If you are like most residents in SWLA, you like taking the family down and going crabbing. It's easy, it's fun, and you don't need a license to do it. Well, at least until June 1 of this year.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has announced a change in its fishing license structure. According to the new rules in place, the Residential Saltwater Fishing license will now allow the license holder to have 10 crab traps. That's actually a fun thing to be able to have with the license. Additionally, this is where some crabbers are upset, if you "string and net" crab you will now need a license.

The Residential Saltwater License will cover you for the 10 traps, "string and net", and all other fishing, but if you do not want to purchase that license, you can still just get the Hook and Line License The Hook and Line License lets you use crab nets and lines. Plus, that license will allow you to fish with a hook and line with NO reel and no artificial bait, and you can use dip nets, landing nets, and minnow traps.

If you already have a lifetime license, you do not need to do anything else according to Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries. The new rules begin on June 1 when it is time to renew your license for the year. For further questions and concerns, the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries have put up an extensive page about the new changes for June on their WEBSITE.


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