Betty White. Did just reading those words make you smile? They still do make a lot people smile even though Betty no longer walks among us. Her legacy is one of smiles, laughter, and kindness, and then there is the truth. 

Betty White
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Betty was probably a lot more like the persona of Sue Ann Nivens than she was of Rose Nylund. Of course, Sue Ann was the Happy Homemaker on WJM-TV or the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Rose is the Rose of Golden Girl’s fame but you knew that one.  

So, while Betty was “that spunky old broad” in television shows, movies, and the occasional candy bar commercial, which, I must admit, is still quite memorable for the folks at Snickers. She was and managed to stay a city girl with very humble tastes.  

If you were looking for proof of Betty’s suburban roots, look no further than her Instagram page. I happened across this post yesterday and thought to myself. “This seems like something we would have done as kids”. If you didn’t catch the caption, Betty is making one of her childhood favorite sandwiches. It’s peanut butter and bologna with lettuce on toast.

Terri Rebecca Garvin via YouTube/ T V Land via YouTube
Terri Rebecca Garvin via YouTube/ T V Land via YouTube


Did anyone’s gag reflex kick in? 

Yes, apparently when Betty was a child in Oak Park Illinois her mother would make these sandwiches. And while it might sound “eccentric” it really isn’t that far out there in the bizarre foods spectrum. Betty's staff used "Treat Yourself Tuesday" a staple on White's Instagram page to share a very personal glimpse with Betty's fans. 

As I think about it, maybe Betty and me and perhaps Betty and you aren't really that far apart in the pursuit of satisfying hunger. One of my favorite sandwiches is grilled peanut butter and bacon. It’s a unique blend of salty, savory, and sweetness too. I am sure you’d get a similar effect but with more “extremities” blended in than you would with bacon.  

This, the Betty White Sandwich, might not ever be my favorite sandwich but I would not shy away from giving it a try. Especially if it was presented as a classic treat from someone’s childhood. I bet you mixed up some strange concoctions when you were a kid too. It’s just part of the joy of being a kid, I guess? A joy that Betty White never outgrew. Maybe that’s why we loved Betty so much and actually still do.  

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