No, there's not a great need to panic in Southwest Louisiana. We pretty much solidified that we drink Michelob Ultra, especially during hurricanes. However, the newest shortage to hit the list of shortages seems to be Miller Lite. No matter what your beer beverage of choice is, the last thing anyone wants to hear is we have run out. This time, it really isn't a result of storms or COVID-19.

So what has caused this random shortage on booze? According to the Associated Press, it was actually a breach in cyber security. In early March, Molson Coors was hit heavily by an attack that ended up impacting their entire brewing operation and their shipping areas. The brewer has 20 plants across the world, with seven of those (plus packing plants) in the United States alone.

The company has not released any more information as to what areas were specifically impacted by the attack, but with a shortage afoot, I would say for sure their shipping area was a victim. The company has hired an outside cyber forensic company to research how it happened, but in the meantime, they are working on getting back up to speed with distribution. According to Louisiana distributor Crescent Crown, their website is showing Miller Lite is out of stock currently and unavailable to order.

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