It seems harmless enough. We send our kids to the couch with an iPad or tablet, maybe they sit down at the family computer, they are quiet, we are happy. What is really going on beneath that flickering screen? The harsh reality would scare most parents into never letting their children go near a computer again.

The internet is full of bad people who want to do bad things to innocent victims. Louisiana's Attorney General Buddy Caldwell has just announced results of a two month initiative to keep our children safe online. The program is called Operation Broken Heart. It was an undercover police operation involving many different law enforcement agencies in the state. The results were spectacular but also pretty frightening.

Mr. Caldwell told the Louisiana Radio Network that 36 individuals were arrested as a result of this program. He suggested that the number might seem low but it was twice the national average and the Attorney General's Cyber Crime Unit was responsible for 20 of those arrests.

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