Lake Area Summer Camps
The school bell will ring for the final time this year in a matter of weeks! Here's a list of non-profit camps in the Lake Charles area that will keep them occupied!
Crayola Retiring One From Box of 24 And What They Are Now!
Crayola has announced that on Friday, National Crayon Day, it will live stream the retirement of one color from its box of 24. They issued the invitation via Facebook and are asking you to RSVP for the big event. I did because I'm a big fan of coloring, although I don't always stay inside …
Willy Wonka The Musical Coming To LC
We thought we would pass this along to you our great listeners that have children.  This is a great event to introduce your kids to not only a great classic like Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory but the arts as well.

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