A former teacher of the year in Iberville Parish has been indicted on 37 criminal counts of having sex with students. Authorities in Iberville Parish announced that Keavin Keith, a former teacher of the year at MSA-West Academy was charged and is now free on bond.

A teacher who worked with Keith, who asked to remain anonymous, spoke to the Louisiana Radio Network.

He was the adult in the situation and obviously was wrong, however I feel like he may not be 100 percent at fault.

According to this associate of Keith's there might be more to the story. Including the fact that one of the victims mother's knew of the situation long before it was reported to police.

I read on Facebook that the mother of one of these children was dropping her off at his house and I know you can’t believe everything you read on Facebook but maybe he should go to trial so the truth can come out, the real truth.

Following Keith's arrest a paternity test was done and it was determined that Keith was the father of one of his victims children.

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