The former chief of police for the city of Evergreen Louisiana is seeing law enforcement from the other side today. Authorities in Avoyelles Parish arrested Charles Mayeaux Jr. and charged him with second degree murder in connection with the death of his wife Shelley March of this year.

According to Avoyelles Parish Sheriff Doug Anderson the incident occurred on March 21st of this year.

The local fire and EMS responded to his residence in Evergreen and they later found Mrs. Mayeaux's charred body in the house.

Investigators deemed the circumstances surrounding the fire and the death of Mrs. Mayeaux suspicious. According to a report by the Louisiana Radio Network that is when the investigation into Mr. Mayeaux began to intensify. When enough evidence was gathered, Anderson said charges were filed.

From that time till now, while it's still under investigation, we have enough evidence to charge Mayeaux with second degree murder of his wife and aggravated arson.

Authorities say there are other charges pending against Mayeaux including six counts of theft and six counts of malfeasance in office. These charges stem from alleged misappropriation of funds from the City of Evergreen between the years of 2013 and 2014.




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