Winona P. Hamilton
(Winona P. Hamilton) Jasper Police

A Southwest Louisiana woman is now in jail in Jasper, Tx., after police say she burned down the rent house of her ex-boyfriend's new lover. On New Year's Eve. (Some people do it with a flourish, you know.) and both report that Winona Pertrice Hamilton of DeRidder, La., surrendered Friday (Jan. 15) to charges of burglary and arson. Her bond stands at $100,000, and as of Monday, she remained in jail.

Jasper Police say Hamilton crossed state lines to burn a home leased to Hannah McMickell. McMickell was dating Hamilton's ex-boyfriend, and the two women had been arguing on social media in the days leading up to the fire. SPOILER ALERT: Things became unpleasant.

(Jasper Police Det. Garrett) Foster said it was determined that Hamilton went to the house on December 31st when no one was home, broke in, stole a framed photo of McMickell’s child off of the wall, and then set the house on fire.

According to Foster, Hamilton then drove to a location where her ex-boyfriend was at, threw the photo onto the street, yelled out “I just burned your *expletive* house down”, and drove away. --

Well, there's really not much you can say after that, is there? Other than -- "Boy, I bet there's a great story behind that feud."

Or, "Happy New Year?"

Anyway, you can see a full picture gallery of the house in flames at

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