This has got to be a first.  According to HipHollywood, a California woman killed her boyfriend with a knife and then went on Facebook to tell everybody what she did.  Now that's what I call keepin' it 100!

As you probably have guessed police would like to have a word with 18-year old Nakasia James. First take a look at her shocking FB post, which have since been deleted:

Just going tell you before I get caught. Last night my ex was drunk off E&J and was fighting me, hit me in the face and we was really fighting and I got the knife and stabbed him. Didn’t think I would hurt him but I did, he died and I’m on the run … looking for me. But God knows I was mad. He socked me in my eyes and [I] just picked something up. But sorry, Lord. Hopefully you forgive me! And Dorian Powell, RIP.

Uhhhh.  Yeah and as of Tuesday (January 12, 2016) evening James was still on the run. HipHollywood reports at last word the San Bernardino Police are trying to locate her, calling the woman a "Person of interest."  You think?  Authorities tell Dateline they responded to a 911 call around 2:30 a.m. Monday (January 11, 2016.) The call was in reference to a man possibly being stabbed to death during a domestic dispute. The victim, was 21-year old Dorian Powell, who was found dead inside a apartment.

Police say it was later in the day, that a person with the same name as Nakasia James started making posts onlin. By the way, the online confession isn't the only reason why police want to talk to her.  San Bernardino's Lt. Richard Lawhead told Dateline,

"The Facebook postings are definitely a factor, but we have to be cognizant of the fact that anyone can post if they are on the account." He added. "There is other evidence that we have that indicates she is involved."

Lt. Lawhead also revealed several shots were fired inside the same apartment, but it's unclear if the two incidents occurred on the same day.  Authorities found evidence that James returned to the apartment after the killing Monday afternoon, but she was gone by the time officers arrived.

The situation remains under investigation.


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