The Brand new Jack Dowland Field House is near completion and has a target finish date in late June.

Progress continues on the construction of McNeese State's new Jack Doland field house with the completion date set for June 21.

“That's our target date,” said project architect Gayle Zembower on Tuesday.

The construction is an eight million dollar renovation and addition to the structure that began following the 2009 football season.

The architect said that all of the outside panels are in and that workers were proceeding with that installation as well as continuing the work on the inside.

Zembower said that the installing of air conditioning chillers for the fieldhouse had been scheduled for this week but that workers from Entergy who were going to tie in the units had been called off the project and sent to Alabama to help with the damage caused by recent tornadoes there.

He hoping to be able to set everything up in that area next week.

“We've got the lockers (120 of them) in for the football dressing room and they are now being put in and will be stained later. On each locker will be name and number plates for the player as well as the school logo and a picture of the player,” said Zembower.

“Also, each locker will feature blue cushioned seats.

“We did a lot of  looking around at dressing room lockers of various schools and then incorprated the best features of all.”

Zembower said that within the next week the placing of tile floors should be done, doors will be put up and painting will continue.

McNeese athletic director Tommy McClelland said that all of the furnishings for the new field house have been ordered and shipment is awaited.

via McNeese Cowboys - Progress continuing on Jack Doland field house.

Once the Field House is complete, it will just add a totally new look to Cowboy Stadium and Football complex. With luxury seats for football games to offices for coaches to a state of the art weight room and dressing rooms.