So if you you grew up in Southwest Louisiana then you have bound to went to Skate City in Lake Charles when you were growing up or at least went to a birthday party at the rink.

Back when I was in elementary and middle school, every Friday night was going out night where all my friends would descend on Skate City.  Some of us how our own skates with Zinger wheels and some of us had to sport those ugly brown skates with orange wheels.  You know the ones that the wheels really didn't really roll LOL.

And we all remember the iconic Skate City Skate.  Everyone wanted to take a ride in it at one time or another.  Well that Skate is now up for sale!

I was browsing thru Facebook when I ran across a post where I saw the iconic skate up for sale.

Skate City Skate FB Post (Facebook/Casey Johnson)
Skate City Skate FB Post (Facebook/Casey Johnson)

Skate City, a Lake Charles landmark, closed at the end of October 2018. So you can own a piece of Lake Charles history and your childhood.  Check it out on Facebook.

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