I personally believe one of the reasons that the cold and flu season is so bad for us in South Louisiana is because of our weather. Let's face it when it comes to November and December weather here in "The Boot", Mother Nature likes to keep us guessing.

One day we can expect temperatures to top out in the upper 70 degrees to lower 80-degree range. Such will be the case today, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Each day will offer us a chance of showers during the day after a foggy start in the morning.

By Thursday a strong cold front should be approaching South Louisiana. It will bring with it a better chance of showers and thunderstorms. There could also be some heavier storms associated with this system, however, we'll need to fine-tune that forecast before we get people too worked up about another round of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms.

By Friday that cold front should have passed through the area leaving us with high temperatures that will have trouble reaching the middle 60-degree range. Friday morning temperatures will likely be in the middle 40's too. This should set up a weekend that will feel very fall-like for much of the area.


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