Today is a day to celebrate the most important person in your life, your mother.  Today is a day to reflect and show our appreciation to our mom's for all they do for us.

I would like to wish my mom Kathy Soileau a very Happy Mother's day as she looks down on me from heaven today.  My mom was the most caring and generous person I have ever known.  She would do without just to make sure that I didn't. She always worried about me from when I was young to especially when I was a police officer for 10 years. My mom and my dad, Dave Soileau, only had me which makes me an only child. My mother was my whole world as I was hers.

She was so brave and strong through her bout with Ovarian Cancer and fought it until the day she couldn't fight anymore. She never complained and worried more about me and what was going on in my life than her courageous bought with her cancer. I lost my mom on October 9th, 2009.


I just want to say today, I love you mom and miss you deeply.  You have made me the man that I am today.

Please take advantage of all the time that you have with you mom and don't take for granted the time you have because it might not be there tomorrow.

Happy Mother's day to all the mom's out there today.

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