It's a struggle trying to decide what to get Mom for Mother's Day. You may have only just realized that Sunday (yes, May 8th) is the day we honor our maternal parent. I understand that dilemma, and I hope to help in your quest to find a gift that adequately expresses your appreciation for the woman who literally lost sleep over you, literally and figuratively cleaned up your messes, and was your biggest fan no matter how many times you made HER want to run away.

My biggest suggestion is one that will cost you nothing. If you are fortunate enough to still have your mother on this Earth, and if she lives close by you, go visit her, give her a bonafide hug, and tell her that you love her. Don't just present her with a card or flowers. Give her a hug and say the words. They are important.

If you don't live near your mom, call her. Make an actual phone call. Don't text her, tweet her, tag her on Facebook, or email her. Call her and say, "I love you, Mom. Happy Mother's Day." Again, say the words.

If you want to give your mom a gift for Mother's Day, my first tip is to not buy something ljust for the sake of doing so. The novelty "#1 Mom" mugs may seem like a good idea on a whim, but does she need another coffee mug? Personally, I have a cabinet full and don't use half of them. I would appreciate the gift because my children thought of me, but how about spending some time thinking about what your mom really likes. Go from there! Believe me, she doesn't want you to spend any money on a gift. However, if you do, she will be touched by the fact that you thought so much of her.

Here are some ideas that may help you:

  • "Pamper Me" Stuff for Mom

    "Pamper Me" Gifts

    I enjoy long, hot baths, so a gift that helps me to relax even more while I indulge is one of my favorites. The self-described "pamper me" gifts can be purchased already packaged or in parts (loofah, bath salts, body wash, etc.). Whether you put the gift together yourself or buy it pre-made, you won't spend more than about $25. Believe me when I say that Mom doesn't want or expect you to spend anything. However, if you feel like you need to really make up for your childhood, massage gift certificates are a great gift, too!

  • Gift Cards

    Gift Cards

    Did you pay attention when I suggested you spend some time thinking about what your mother likes? Does she like to read? Does she like actual books or does she use a tablet? What's her favorite restaurant? Does she walk or run? What does your mom enjoy? Answer any of these questions or others and consider giving her a gift card for a restaurant, iTunes, a bookstore, or some place that corresponds with something she's really in to. Don't give her a generic gift card! Remember, it doesn't have to be for much money. That's not the point.

  • Framed Photos

    Framed Photos

    You can get this gift ready for Mom in about two hours, and I guarantee it will put a big smile on her face. Mothers love pictures of their children and grandchildren, and they are more special when they are candid. I would bet that massage that you have a couple of really fun photos in your phone of you. Maybe there are some with you and your spouse, your family, your dog. Several stores allow you to upload those photos via an app and then pick the printed picture up in about an hour. I do it all the time! It costs a few bucks (under $5) to do it. Go pick out a frame and voila! You have the perfect Mother's Day gift.

  • Flowers


    Don't roll your eyes so loud! The term "flowers" has a broad meaning here. Your mom may love receiving flowers. Please make sure you give her her favorite flowers. Maybe she enjoys gardening. What flowers does she like to put in her flowerbeds? Last year, my husband and I were talking about flowers in general, and I told him how much I liked bougainvillea. For Mother's Day, my sweet hubby bought me two hanging baskets of bougainvillea. He even spray painted the baskets red because he knows that's my favorite color. Bless his heart, he's even managed to keep them alive all year! I think I'll keep him. If you're going to get her flowers, make them mean something.