Earlier I wrote about a mouse or rat sitting inside of a to-go bag in the backseat of a car that supposedly came from a local Lake Charles restaurant. Quite a few people had heard where it allegedly came from. I attempted to keep the story light and of course, didn't name where the bags were supposed to have come from. There were no names on the bags and the story behind the video was very loose as to where the items in the bag came from, including the mouse.

Personally, I love eating at most of all of our restaurants here in Lake Charles, and the last thing I would want to do is burn them for a mistake. The restaurant that is getting the heat from us reached out to us to inform us that the information being circulated around is misinformation and that there is a lot more to that story. Allegedly the bags being shown in the video are not even the types of bags that particular place uses, to begin with.

We have removed the article and video from our sites. The last thing we would want to do is spread any sort of false information, which is why I didn't even begin to speculate the name of the place it allegedly came from. We live in a world full of misinformation and sometimes there is a grey area that is hard to decipher from true or false. We are glad we were reached out to by the particular restaurant and they were able to explain the issue. Personally, as Your Buddy Russ, I hope no one was offended. I am always on top of what is true and what is not and try to do all of the legwork involved to get to the bottom of things. #freemickeyfromthetogobag

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