Temperatures here in Southwest Louisiana are reaching record highs, and the bad news is it's only going to get worse.

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As the August heat creeps up on us with the promise of extreme temperatures, you'll need help cooling off while the kids are playing outside. You might even be brave enough to go outside to tend your plants and garden or do some work in the shop.

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Here Ten Products To Help You Stay Cool This Summer:

1. A Neck Fan

You won't have to worry about finding an outlet to plug in your fan if you have one around your neck.

2. A Spray Bottle Fan

What's better than a fan? A fan that sprays water!

3. Water Cooling Towels

These things are amazing. They saved my life a time or two when I was playing high school football during two-a-days at Sam Houston. Just drape it totally over your head and breathe in the cold goodness.

4. A Wide Brim Hat

If you're going to be in the beating sun for an extended period of time, a hat with a wide brim can keep your head and face shaded. Add in a neck protector flap and you don't have to worry about burning your neck to a crisp.

5. A Cooling Vest

I've never seen or heard of anyone that I know wearing this, but it's intriguing to say the least. I would imagine putting a vest with frozen compartments would cool you off very quickly. This is a great idea.

6. A Dog Cooling Mat

You can't forget man's best friend. I can't fathom how it feels to be a dog in the SWLA summer heat. It's got to be miserable.

7. A Cooling Neck Gaiter

So much of our body heat builds up in the neck, especially the back of the neck. Keeping your neck cool will help regulate your whole body temperature during hot days.

8. A Cooling Bandana

If you're not into the gaiter look, then this will help keep your neck cool and be southern stylish at the same time


9. A Hydration Backpack

Whether your going for a walk or working in the yard, it's always a great idea to drink plenty of fluids when your putting in work on a hot summer's day.

10. A Battery Powered Fan

The great thing about this fan is that it has octopus legs. Which means you can take it with you everywhere. You stand it up or wrap the legs around almost anything to cool you off.

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