First and foremost, I am no "shark-ologist". I could have researched and found out exactly what kind it is, but even looking at the comments about what type of shark it is, no one could actually agree. We can agree, that this is 100% of the shark family, but in my opinion, it's a Bull Shark.

Lance was doing some fishing a few days ago and ran across this little jewel in the water hooked on his line. Some claimed he was actually on the Golden Nugget beach, but that was a little misunderstood. I rooted around a touch and found Lance's comment as to where he was to catch this little baby shark. He was near the 210 beach, but on the Golden Nugget Side. Back in 2013, a fisherman caught a bull shark roughly the same size right at the Lake Charles Civic Center. That catch was officially penned as a juvenile bull shark according to KPLC.

Lance Sharbino
Lance Sharbino

Are they that uncommon in our area? The LSU Ag Center says yes. The bull shark, according to an article published by Jerald Horst, is very common to hanging out inshore from the Gulf of Mexico. Although it prefers waters with low salt, it has been known to thrive in freshwater as well. The mothers will go find low saline water to give birth, where the babies will stick around until they get over 4ft long. After that, they will venture out. They are typically born almost 30" long with a mouth full of teeth.

The name of them, although Bull Shark is proper, seems to be depending on where you are. The article did mention that Bull Sharks are the most common sharks living in the Louisiana waters. Almost any shark you see in the inland waters will be a Bull Shark, but any baby shark around the area is usually just called a "sand shark" as just a name to call it.

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