I don't care how old I ever get, I will always think ducks and baby chickens are the cutest things ever. There is something absolutely comical to me to hear a duck just quacking away as it walks around, especially when it gets excited. Their tail starts shaking, their little feet go up and down, and they get really vocal. Basically, the same thing I do when I see a buffet!

Dustin Shidla
Dustin Shidla

When I lived downtown, there were 4 ducks that would hang around the sidewalk. I would try and befriend them, but they never quite warmed up to me. I even told them I didn't hunt and just wanted to be friends. There was this one time during the holidays we had cream cheese and jalapeno duck breast, but I don't think they were related.

Dustin Shidla of Iowa is pretty much living my dream. He now has a FLOCK of feathered friends to hang out with him and keep him company. Sometimes it's just a few, and other times over 20 show up to waddle around and say hi to him. Shidla lives in a neighborhood with a pond near his backyard and a few ducks showed up near his backyard through his back gate. When one or two showed up, he decided to feed them some bread. Cause that's what you feed a duck, of course! Apparently, that was just about as exciting for the ducks as dollar shots of fireball. Word got around in the duck community and now, Shidla has all the drakes and hens in the club getting tipsy.

Since the first "feeding" Shidla has expanded his menu to corn for them. He opens the back gate in the evenings and they follow him right on in to eat. Even when the gate isn't open, in the second video he was just in his backyard handling an ant problem, they just flap on over the fence.  When they finish, they waddle on back out.

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