The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season is just 14 days in, and there are already three separate disturbances on the map. Unfortunately, the season is getting off to a busy start.

The one we are all most concerned with and keeping our eyes on is the one dead south of us in the Bay of Campeche. The National Hurricane Center is now giving this area of disturbed weather a 60% chance of formation over the next five days.

They saying the disturbance could gradually form and become a tropical depression later in the week when it begins to head northward into the central Gulf of Mexico. We will definitely have to watch this storm and also make sure to get your plan in place early.

The National Hurricane Center is giving the strong tropical wave coming off of the coast of Africa a 20% chance of formation over the next five days. The storm is heading westward at the moment and right now is no reason for concern here in Southwest Louisiana.

Another storm that won't be coming our way but is worth mentioning is an area of weather off the coast of North Carolina. The NHC is saying it has a 70% chance to form over the next 48 hours, and their radar is showing a very defined low pressure system about 90 miles off the coast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

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