KPLC TV's meteorologist, Ben Terry, is a rock star, y'all. Ben has been on TV in Southwest Louisiana for many years now, and he does a great job.

Folks in Southwest Louisiana rely on Ben for an accurate forecast. During the two hurricanes last year, Ben, along with Chief meteorologist Wade Hampton and meteorologist Jacob Durham, did a great job keeping us updated.

One of the greatest lines from those storms is when Ben told a viewer to, "Change the channel," which spawned such a huge positive response form Southwest Louisiana that t-shirts were made with his picture on it and the words Change The Channel. We love it!

If you didn't know, when Ben Terry started working at KPLC, he embraced our area, jumped right in, and became a volunteer in our community, as he serves as a mentor for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of SWLA.

Unfortunately, Ben went in for a routine procedure to find out he had cancer. Since then, Ben Terry has had to alter his schedule, as he is living in Houston in a hotel room while getting radiation treatments five days a week.

Former KPLC news director, Charlie Haldeman, who now works at ABC 13 in Houston, caught up with Ben and did a great story about him. In the video below, you will see and hear Charlie explain how Ben is still doing a great job forecasting the weather for Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana in his hotel room while undergoing treatment.

Southwest Louisiana loves you Ben, and we are praying for you and a speedy recovery, buddy. Thank you for all you do for us here in SWLA.

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