Back in January, news spread about the Alabama Fan who allegedly sexually assaulted an LSU fan in New Orleans after the BCS national championship game after a video surfaced and went viral.

Then in May, we reported that the suspect had been indicted on charges of sexual battery.  Now the suspect, Brian Downing, 32 of Smiths Station, AL, is heading to court to answer the charge.

Downing's court date has been set for September 4th, 2012 where his trial will begin.

The New Orleans Police Department said that Downing was the man caught on camera at a Bourbon Street restaurant rubbing his genitals on a passed out LSU fan.

Downing was indicted on sexual battery and obscenity in May. Sexual battery is a felony.

A controversial video clip posted on YouTube showed a man believed to be an Alabama fan rubbing his genitals on the neck of an LSU fan that was passed out at a table.

Downing was later identified as the suspect in the now-infamous viral video.

If convicted, Downing faces up to 10 years in prison on the sexual battery charge and up to three years for obscenity.

The victim has filed a lawsuit against Downing and the Krystal Burger on Bourbon Street.


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